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AIRES Inverter split ducted systems, along with its control and zoning options are designed to support the way Australians truly live, delivering enhanced comfort and energy savings. Revel in quality and comfort all year round and experience the peace of mind that comes with a dependable and efficient comfort solution.


Enhanced Performance
With its DC inverter technology, which allows its compressor to modulate, the AIRES system can deliver smooth capacity transitions to meet your heating and cooling demands.

Turbo Mode
Stay comfortable even on the scorching Aussie summer days or chilly winter mornings with our Turbo Mode function. Feel the instant relief as your air conditioner kicks into high gear, delivering extra capacity power when you need it most.

Engineered for Australia
AIRES air conditioners are specifically made for Australian weather conditions, which can exceed temperatures of 46°C. Unlike most overseas air conditioners with a maximum operating temperature range of 43°C to 46°C, AIRES units operate up to 50°C.*

Quiet Operation
Comfort comes not only in how you feel but also in what you hear, or with the AIRES, what you don’t hear. Using the latest technologies such as variable speed DC Inverters, modulating DC outdoor fans, and smooth operating EC indoor fans, the AIRES has been designed with your noise comfort in mind.


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*Operating range based on air temperature entering the outdoor unit heat exchanger.