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Delivering engineering excellence for over 130 years, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brand has a rich history of superior air-conditioning products and is instantly recognisable for quality and technological advancement.

Their Japanese-engineered technologies allow them to design and deliver world class air conditioning systems that go the distance within the tough Australian climates.

  • The AVANTI series MHIAA wall mounted split system is elegant & timeless for the lifestyle you deserve.

  • The Bronte MHIAA wall mounted Split System is perfect for larger spaces.

  • The MHIAA FDUA series of ducted systems are a quiet and discreet solution for multiple rooms.

  • The MHIAA High Performance 1:1 VRF System is a robust and durable design with quieter operation both indoors and outdoors.

  • The  FDT ceiling cassettes by MHIAA are available in Single or Three phase options with a range of capacities from 6.0 to 14kW.

  • The MHIAA SRR-ZM series of bulkhead systems are designed to sit entirely within the ceiling space and distribute air via discreet grilles. These compact units require no ducting and are perfect for renovated spaces and applications such as apartments where space is at a premium as they can be factored in to the finished design to provide a quiet, efficient and integrated heating and cooling solution.

  • The Avanti PLUS® Platinum Series is one of the quietest and most energy efficient split systems on the market. 

  • At only 270mm in height and weighing just 16.5kg, the FDTC series offers one of the most compact ceiling cassette designs on the market.