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Wednesday, 22 July 2020 12:07

Flinders Medical Centre Upgrade, South Australia

The recently completed $185.5m upgrade at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC), adjacent to the existing Flinders Hospital, is a major healthcare facility upgrade for Adelaide’s southern community. The state of the art rehabilitation facility spreads 5 levels and 11,000m2

Part of the South Australian Governments ‘Transforming Health’ initiative it includes a new Rehabilitation Building, new Mental Health Unit and supporting services infrastructure. The mechanical Service, with a value of approximately $10.5mil, was delivered by the Westside Group.

Undoubtedly the FCM upgrade is the largest ADA Duct board™ duct work project to date. The Duct Board components and duct work was manufactured right here in South Australia, at ADA’s Welland factory. The benefits of ADA Duct Board™ in lieu of traditional sheet metal duct is significant in terms of economy, environment, and safety.

The duct work is assembled using ADA’s unique system of duct board components and extrusions making ADA capable of delivering a total solution approach to any project.

fmc upgrade
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