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As electricity prices continue to go up and up, Bonaire has developed the solution. Bonaire’s solar panel enhanced cooling option allows you to operate your Pinnacle cooler in solar mode on a lower fan speed until a higher cooling effect is required. This clever option automatically switches your unit to mains electricity when the output of the solar panel is not sufficient to run your cooler.

Bonaire Pinnacle Solar Features:
  • Cheapest form of whole of home cooling with no annual power costs
  • Run your cooler during the day whilst you are at work or out without worrying about the running costs
  • Automatically switches to mains power supply when required
  • Provides additional solar power back into the household grid saving you money
  • Simple and easy to install with solar panel mounted on top of unit
  • Install the solar panel kit now or wait to later
  • Solar panel manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions

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